The Model

We reach our mission by investing in and developing sustainable companies, creating development results and inclusive growth. Social and environmental as well as economic aspects permeate and guide us in all our work.

wind power stations

Three focus sectors

We invest in three specific sectors where we believe we have the best opportunities to achieve sustainable development: Energy & Climate, Financial inclusion, and Health.

Our focus sectors

Our Offer

Complex investments are part of our everyday work. We offer different types of financing, financial support and funding for sustainable project development on some of the world's most challenging markets.

  • Equity, loans and funds

    Our investments are based on partnership and cooperation with other companies and development finance institutions. Investments are divided between equity, loans and funds.

    Equity, loans and funds
  • Financial support

    Swedpartnership, through its financial support, gives small and medium-sized Swedish businesses a unique opportunity to start sustainable collaborations with companies in developing and growth markets in which Swedfund operates.

    Financial support
  • Swedfund Project Accelerator

    Swedfund Project Accelerator facilitates the development of sustainable projects in developing countries.

    Swedfund Project Accelerator
  • Technical Assistance (TA)

    TA is a tool that we often use to boost the performance of our investments within our three pillars

    Technical Assistance (TA)

Our Pillars

Our business model is based on generating results within the three pillars; impact on society, sustainability and financial viability. We consider these three pillars to be equally important and crucial conditions to fight poverty and develop long-term sustainable businesses.

Our Pillars

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