In 2016, Swedfund was given the opportunity to help develop and finance sustainable projects in countries included on the OECD/DAC list. The objective of the Swedfund Project Accelerator is to facilitate development of sustainable projects in developing countries. Currently, there is a shortage of sustainable and bankable projects, and frequently projects lack a long-term sustainability perspective at procurement stage.

The Projector Accelerator can provide financing, as a grant, for development of feasibility, and pre-feasibility studies for projects identified by a local project owner - a public institution. The Accelerator always works integrated and closely with the project owner throughout the project cycle in order to ensure delivery on key priorities. As part of a financing agreement for a project, the Accelerator provides external technical expertise that will be contracted to support the local project owner. The expert´s contribution typically includes development of ToRs for feasibility studies in cooperation with the project owner. The Accelerator can provide financing for comprehensive feasibility studies and thereby contribute to the development of bankable, sustainable projects in different sectors.

Swedfund is part of Team Sweden and works closely with several institutions and organisations included in the Team Sweden. This provides the Project Accelerator with an excellent network of expertise and competencies for development of sustainable projects.

We continuously look to increase our pool of expert advisors and accept applications on a running basis. If you have any questions or would like to discuss a project proposal, please contact the Swedfund Project Accelerator via

Swedfund Project Accelerator staff:

Håkan Dahlfors

Stefan Falk

Elsa Ekblom
(On parental leave)

Suleiman Ali

Anna Älgevik

Elin Folkesson

Johan Boström Heiskala

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