The Task

Eliminating extreme poverty is a task which on paper can seem quite utopian. The truth is, we are already halfway there. We are determined to pursue the issues and make the investments necessary to succeed.

Welfare capital and power

To end all forms of poverty is the first global goal, adopted by the world’s countries. We have got ten years to succeed. To fulfil the goals we need further investments in sustainable companies in the poorest countries, companies that create inclusive growth, decent jobs and tax revenue. Our task is more important than ever.

Welfare capital

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Our contribution to sustainable development

Swedfund has a vital role to play in Sweden’s contribution to the UN’s sustainable development goals and Agenda 2030.

Risk is key

Accepting and managing risk is part of our day-to-day business and is an integral aspect of our mission. By accepting high risk and leading the way, our aim is to attract more private-sector investors into our markets. This role involves development finance institutions acting as a catalyst to boost financing for developing economies.

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