Women4Growth is a talent program that promotes gender equality by strengthening women in their professional activity. It is developed by Swedfund to improve the performance of our portfolio companies and support the realisation of our mission.

Why and how Gender equality

Equal opportunities are a fundamental human right and a critical component of a sustainable future. Overcoming gender barriers enables access to untapped pools of talent and resources and is synonymous with inclusive growth. Gender is one of Swedfund’s core impact areas and an essential enabler in the achievement of our mission.

Why and how Gender equality

Women4Growth talent program

Women4Growth was developed in 2014 to support Swedfund’s portfolio companies in their gender equality efforts and overall performance.

  • Program rationale

    Evidence shows that Gender-equal companies have higher growth rates and that Equitable societies safeguards the resources and competence of every individual.

    Program rationale
  • Program outline

  • Program outcomes

    The outcomes centre around three perspectives, aligned with our priority areas of Women’s Economic empowerment.

    Program outcomes

"I am happier and have much more fun at work now. The management truly listens to us and challenge us to make use of our learnings and abilities. This makes us grow professionally as well as colleagues. And as individuals."
Mercy K. Mwangi, Front Office Service Manager at Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill, Kenya.

"Having strong and powerful women in top management is the best way to inspire and push us. They show that it is possible to be mothers and still have a successful career. We have been given what we need to become what we want to be."
Annie Njenga, Engineering Coordinator at Radisson Blu Hotel, Nairobi Upper Hill, Kenya.

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