About Swedfund

We are the Development Finance Institution of the Swedish state. Our mission is to combat poverty by investing in and develop sustainable business in the world’s most challenging markets.

Our organisation

Today we have a staff of 92. Our membership in EDFI – in combination with intensive networking with businesses, organisations and authorities – enables us to offer knowledge and experience of the entire investment cycle.

  • Staff

    Swedfund has a staff of 92 at our offices in Stockholm, Nairobi and Abidjan.

  • Our Board of Directors, MD and auditors

    Our board, nominated by the responsible ministry, Ministry of Finance, includes a Chairperson and seven members.

    Our Board of Directors, MD and auditors
  • The Network EDFI

    As a bilateral DFI – Development Finance Institution – Swedfund is one of 15 members of the European network EDFI where all institutions work towards common goals.

    The Network EDFI
  • Our Swedish network

    Strong networking enables us to fight poverty on a broader front and obtain faster results.

    Our Swedish network

Governance and guidelines

We should contribute to the goals of Sweden’s politics for global development (PGU). We should participate to financially, socially and environmentally sustainable investments, which create better living conditions for people living under poverty and suppression.

  • Guidelines and policies

    A continuous dialogue with our owner, partners and other stakeholders is essential to carry out our mission. Beside our own and the State's policies and guidelines, we align with and follow a number of international policies, frameworks, guidelines, commitments and policies.

    Guidelines and policies
  • Swedfund’s Strategic Sustainability Goals

    Swedfund’s four strategic sustainability goals are based on our mission - poverty reduction.

    Swedfund’s Strategic Sustainability Goals
  • UN PRI & UN Global Compact

    In 2012, Swedfund made a commitment to participate in both the UN Global Compact and the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, UN PRI.

    UN PRI & UN Global Compact
  • Corporate Governance

    The Ministry of Finance has the owner’s responsibility for Swedfund since January 1, 2015. However, The Foreign Ministry has continued responsibility for relevant issues and development policies.

    Corporate Governance
  • Shareholder's Meetings

    The Annual general meeting will be held on April 26 2022.

    Shareholder's Meetings
  • Governance Report


Download and read Swedfund’s reports, accounting and fact sheets. If you have any questions or if you need further information, please contact Amelie Alte.

  • Published the Apr 30 2024

    Swedfund Disclosure Statement, Operating Principles for Impact Management

  • Published the Jun 22 2021

    Guiding Note Decent Work

    Guiding notes describe Swedfund’s view and process for the implementation of the key sustainability themes that are defined in Swedfund’s Policy for Sustainable Development and Anti-Corruption such as Climate, Decent Work, Gender and Human Rights.

  • Published the Sep 4 2023

    Swedfund International AB Report to UN PRI 2023

    Swedfund is a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) and reports on how the principles are integrated in our business.

  • Published the May 13 2022

    Swedfund in Brief

    A pamphlet shortly presenting Swedfund's portfoilo and sectors.

Annual and interim reports

Swedfund's Annual reports are translated into English and can be found below. Our Interim reports are available in Swedish on the Swedish section for Annual and Interim reports

  • Published the Apr 5 2024

    Swedfund Integrated Report 2023

    Swedfund's eleventh fully integrated report.

  • Published the Mar 24 2022

    Swedfund Integrated Report 2022

    Swedfund's tenth fully integrated report.

  • Published the May 30 2022

    Swedfund Integrated Report 2021

    Investing for Humanity Swedfund's ninth fully integrated report.

  • Published the Jun 22 2021

    Swedfund Integrated Report 2020

    Development finance for a sustainable future Swedfund's eighth fully integrated report.


Press contact and logos

For news and press releases, please visit our Pressroom at Mynewsdesk, where you can also find images and contact information.

Director of Strategy and Communication: Karin Kronhöffer, Director Strategy & Communication, phone +46 72 050 31 91.

Download our logos and press images.


Welcome to visit our career site​, where you find all open positions.

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