With a Focus on Humanity - Integrated Report 2018

In this, our sixth fully integrated report we visualise our working processes and show the results we achieve in our portfolio companies, presented according to our three pillars: impact on society, sustainability and financial viability.

Swedfund Integrated Report 2018


We invest in sustainable business

By offering partnership, financing and experience, we contribute to creating long-term, profitable and conscious businesses.

We have developed a model to increase our chances of success together with our partners. Read more about how we work, our offer and watch a film about our investment process here.

The Model

How we contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The 2030 Agenda and the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) encompass the three dimensions of sustainable development: social, economic and environmental. All stakeholders in society have to take responsibility and an active approach to ensure these goals can be achieved. Here you can find out about how Swedfund works with the SDGs to contribute to a sustainable development.

Our contribution to reach the global goals


Health – a new focus sector for Swedfund

In developing countries, around 400 million people have no access to basic health care. Only three per cent of the world's doctors works in Africa. Investments in the health sector are one of our focus areas.

Health – a new focus sector for Swedfund
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