Funds for Technical Assistance, is a strategic tool that we often use to boost the performance of our investments within our three pillars – impact on society, sustainability and financial viability – and increase the combined development effects which the investments generate.

The purpose of TA is to strengthen Swedfund’s capabilities as an active owner to raise the quality of its portfolio in line with Swedfund’s mission and goal. The funds shall be used primarily to strengthen Swedfund's investments regarding development effects, gender equality and sustainability including environment and climate, decent work and business ethics and anti-corruption.

TA funds may be used in any country in which Swedfund operates, in accordance with the annual letter of allocation. Our potential, current and exited portfolio companies can benefit from TA funding and the funding can be used also to develop partnerships with strategic partners and develop proactive stimulation for creation of new projects and other initiatives that increase the quality of portfolio. The maximum budget for each TA project is SEK 2 000 000. TA funding cannot be used for activities that are deemed to be part of a portfolio companies’ ongoing operations, such as replacing old equipment or employing competencies.

Examples of potential projects qualifying for TA fundingl:

TA initiative


Development effects

Refers to the implementation of frameworks and tools for enhancing, monitoring and analysing the development results of investments.

Customer protection

Refers to quality-enhancing initiatives through funding for the implementation of SMART certification in portfolio companies.

Environmental and social management system

Refers to quality-enhancing initiatives through funding for the implementation of environmental and social management systems in portfolio companies.

Human Rights assessment and capacity building

Initiative to develop Human Rights Assessment Process for fund managers and conduct Human Rights trainings for key staff.



Quality-enhancing initiatives consisting of, for example,
- support to improve the quality of medical clinic by implementing Safe Care certification
- the purchase of essential equipment and PPE´s to protect Occupation Health and Safety
- support for the creation and implementation of improved reporting structure and routine, necessary to enable the board of directors to improve decision making.

Environment and climate

Initiative supporting the development and implementation of an e-waste manual benefiting Swedfund portfolio companies and industry within off-grid solar.


Refers to the implementation and follow-up of a programme to boost women´s empowerment.


Initiatives to support employee and community health and safety e.g. by purchasing PPE´s.

If you have any questions or you would like to discuss a project proposal, please contact staffan.ahl(at) or johanna.raynal(at)

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