We invest in businesses and environments where our funds contribute to creating inclusive growth, tax income, job opportunities and faith in the future.

Our portfolio

We always aim to establish a good balance between risktaking, geographical spread and variation in investment instruments, such as equity, funds and loans.

We invest directly in companies and indirect through financial institutions and funds, to increase the proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises and to promote entrepreneurship.

The portfolio's total contracted amount at the close of 2018 was 4.516 billion SEK, divided between 58 investments in 23 countries. 

Portfolio per region 2018

Pie-chart of Swedfund's portfolio per region 2018


Portfolio per sector 2018

Pie-chart of Swedfunds portfolio per sector 2018


Portfolio per instrument 2018

Pie-chart of Swedfund's portfolio per instrument 2018


Our portfolio companies

Examples of investments and financial support

Since 1979 we have invested in more than 230 companies in the poorest countries in the world. Here are some recent examples. 

The new map of the world

Our ambition is to re-create the financial map of the world.
We can achieve this through a strong network in combination with sound investments in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Red needle= investments in the form of equity or debt 
Yellow needle = financial support 

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