Since 2016, Swedfund has had its own whistleblowing service which can be used by employees, contractors, trainees and others at Swedfund and amongst the companies and funds in which Swedfund invests. The service is primarily intended as a supplement to the portfolio companies' own complaints mechanisms. In addition to the whistleblowing service, Swedfund also established a grievance mechanism in Spring 2020.

Within the whistleblowing service, suspicions regarding serious irregularities, related to Swedfund or Swedfund’s portfolio companies, or related to persons in key or executive positions within Swedfund or Swedfund’s portfolio companies, may be reported. The service allows the whistleblower to file a report completely anonymously. 

The grievance mechanism may be used to lodge any concerns and grievances in respect of Swedfund and Swedfund’s portfolio companies, but not in respect of individuals due to applicable data protection legislation. Also anonymous reports will be considered.

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