The Women4Growth program is based on the notion that women are not only subject of bias in the workplace and in society at large, but more importantly that they possess the capacity and solution to solve many of these problems. The program works with two groups of participants, (i) Representatives from senior management and (ii) a Group of selected female talents.

The program is developed to; Enable talent growth and increase the representation of women in decision making; Improve female inclusion in the workplace; and Co-create products and services that serve women and boost company results.

The workshops cover topics such as
• How female inclusion can boost your business, in the workplace and in perspectives for products & services
• Self-leadership training
• Coaching
• Presentation skills
• Individual and team-based exercises

The program is concluded with a final ceremony with presentations and joint discussions around suggestions and business ideas for female inclusion the trainees have ideated.

”We thought it would be very female-focused ideas and solutions, and they do in fact address women specifically. But I realised when we discussed the ideas that these solutions in fact bring benefits to everyone in the company, regardless of gender”
– Male Senior management participant

The steps of Women4Growth

Before the workshops, the participating women set Progress indicators for female inclusion and empowerment – what does female inclusion and empowerment mean to the participants? This is to be able to track progress during and after the program.

Buy-in workshop: Through a half-day session the company’s management team gets a brief of the concept and inspiration on how female inclusion can boost their business. Lastly, we calibrate their expectations for the “Next-Practice Session”.

Self-Leadership Training: Individual and team-based exercises where the women elaborate on how they can unlock their potential at work. It’s a two-day interactive session where we put the participating females and their unique potential at work at the centre.

Ideation Workshops: We enable the women to scrutinize their everyday work, pinpoint potential gaps, and create new solutions to increase female inclusion (at work, in the service, or product design). It’s a two-day session where we guide the participants to invent easy and applicable everyday practices and solutions that will help unleash female potential at work.

Next-Practice Session: The women pitch their respective ideas, tools, or everyday practices to increase female inclusion for the company’s management and board of directors as well as representatives from Swedfund at the final ceremony. The result is compiled as a report/action list and is used by Swedfund when we follow up progress.

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