The Task

Eliminating extreme poverty is a task which on paper can seem quite utopian. The truth is, we are already halfway there. We are determined to pursue the issues and make the investments necessary to succeed.

Welfare capital and power

In the past twenty years, the number of people who live in poverty has been reduced by half. Swedfund’s vision to eliminate poverty feels therefore all the more realistic. However, further investment in sustainable business is needed, which in turn creates growth, job opportunities and tax income in the world’s poorest countries. Our task is more important than ever.

Welfare capital

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Our role in the development of the private sector

Global, sustainable development requires a sustainable private sector. Swedfund is part of global cooperation needed to create sustainable development of countries, people and natural resources.

Our role in the development of the private sector

Our pillars

Impact on society, sustainability and financial viability are together vital pillars to fight poverty and to delvelop sustainable businesses. These three pillars are considered equally when we assess an investment proposal. 

Our pillars


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