Are you running a well-established business with a business idea, which could potentially be successful on Swedfund’s selected markets. Please get in touch with our Senior Investment Managers.

Our investments are based on a long-term yet time-limited involvement during a period of five to ten years. The investments are divided between equity, loans and funds.

  •  Equity investments between MUSD 3 and 15.
  •  Loans to larger businesses, often in collaboration with other financiers.
  •  Fund investments, primarily for smaller businesses in the most poverty-struck countries, where our local presence is impossible due to for example war, conflict or corruption.

We partake as minority owners. The main partner is expected to contribute with at least the same amount and is responsible for the running of the business in accordance with our ESG requirements, which are part of every agreement.

As partial owner we actively follow the development of the project. We often have a representative on the board of directors.


Our three priority investment sectors are climate/energy, financial institutions & funds, and healthcare.


Each project proposal which comes to us is assessed, analysed and followed up in detail. Our Senior Investment Managers and Analysts, in collaboration with the ESG team, carry out a thorough analysis of market data, business plans, financial history and investment partners. The
analysis is then reviewed by Swedfund’s investment committee and by the Board of Directors.

Every investment must meet the targets set within our three pillars, impact on society, sustainability and financial viability.

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