The pillars are reflected at each stage of our investment process; from the initial assessment at the investment phase, through the active ownership phase, all monitoring of results and final investment exit.

By setting requirements for development results and working closely with our portfolio companies, we can monitor progress and ensure they are developing in the right direction.

Impact on society
Swedfund aims to help create jobs with a good working environment and good employment conditions.
• Job creation
• Tax
• Knowledge and capacity building
• Share of women in senior management
• CO2e emissions
• Additionality

Swedfund aims to help create sustainable enterprises in the world's poorest countries.
• Environment/Climate
• Human rights and working conditions 
• Business ethics & anti-corruption

Financial viability
Swedfund aims to help create enterprises that are profitable in the long-term and therefore financially viable in the world's poorest countries.
• Growth 
• Profitability 
• Return on equity

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