Financial support

Swedpartnership, through its financial support, gives small and medium-sized Swedish businesses a unique opportunity to start sustainable collaborations with companies in developing and growth markets in which Swedfund operates.

Swedpartnership share Swedish companies' risk 

Swedpartnership contributes to the creation of sustainable and financially viable local companies in the countries where Swedfund is active. We share the risk with small and medium-sized Swedish businesses. This enables the companies to dedicate the resources required to establish long-term collaboration with local partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe.

Technology transfer to poor countries 

The financial support is intended primarily for transfer of know-how and investment in machinery and equipment. All activities and resources financed through the support are targeted at the staff or operations of local enterprises. Through this, the Swedish companies’ technology, knowhow, culture, willingness to invest and risk-taking help fulfil the purpose of Swedpartnership.

250 projects approved since 2009 

Every year, Swedpartnership has contact with about a hundred Swedish companies planning to invest in a developing or emerging market. During 2017, these contracts resulted in 15 applications for financial support. Since the operation started in 2009, Swedpartnership has approved a total of 250 projects. For 2019, SEK 20 million has been allocated for new applications, which provides the opportunity for financing additional 15-17 projects in the countries in which Swedfund is active.

And we are happy to share our experiences of investing in countries where poverty, conflict and corruption are part of everyday life. This poses an interesting challenge, which requires both time and patience.

Swedpartnership is undergoing a change process, which means that no new applications are currently received.

Staffan Ahl
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Nils Marcks v Würtemberg
Senior Loan Manager
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