This is partly due to a shortage of qualified doctors and medical personnel, infrastructure and medicines. Only three per cent of the world's doctors work in Africa. Investments in healthcare are central to all developing societies, and leads to development effects in both the sector and the society.

Initiatives which broaden the supply of health and medical care in countries with low levels of provision, increase not only the accessibility for patients, but also the opportunities for specialist doctors to work in their homelands. Private healthcare providers play a vital role in this development.

Swedfund and other DFIs working with private players can promote development by enhancing the quality of healthcare, offering qualified jobs and developing subcontractors.

During 2018, Swedfund adopted Health as a new focus sector. However, investments in the health sector have been taking place for many years with good development results. In many cases, Swedfund is a shareholder who also plays an active role on the board of directors. This gives us an opportunity to support the enterprise’s development by contributing our experience and special focus on sustainable development.

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