Revision of Swedfund’s Policy for Sustainable Development

Swedfund has decided to revise its Policy for Sustainable Development. The revised policy reflects our commitment to respect all internationally recognized Human Rights and to act consistently with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Furthermore, the policy describes our commitments to gender equality, environment and climate and business ethics and good corporate governance, and lists sustainability requirements to our investments.

In line with our transparency commitment, we are keen to hear what our stakeholders think about our revised policy. Therefore, you are invited to give feedback on Swedfund’s Policy for Sustainable Development Revised 2018.

You can give your feedback via this formulary. If you want to add your comments directly to the word document, please email it to, not later than 14-01-2019.

Equation 2030. Capital that achieves the goals

To Swedfund, Agenda 2030 is a global equation. Our role in the equation is to finance and develop sustainable businesses in the world’s poorest countries.

In Swedfund’s Integrated Report 2017 we report our results and our work towards the Global Goals.

Swedfund Integrated Report 2017

Swedfund Integrated Report 2017


We invest in sustainable business

By offering partnership, financing and experience, we contribute to creating long-term, profitable and conscious businesses.

This task is not always easy, but by being very particular in our investment process, we increase our chances of success together with our partners. Read more about our offer and watch a film about our investment process here.


How we contribute to the Global Goals for sustainable development

The world’s leaders have agreed on 17 new goals for sustainable development and a new climate agreement has been adopted. These global goals must now be turned into action and the need of financing is huge. Private investment is decisive in how quickly the global goals can be achieved, and development finance institutions have a more important role than ever.

Our contributions to reach the global goals

AAR Healthcare – one of our investments

During the past 30 years AAR Healthcare has become one of East Africa’s largest private healthcare providers with 39 modern clinics in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Read more about this project and a number of our other investments, and search among our portfolio companies.

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