We invest in sustainable business

By offering partnership, financing and experience, we contribute to creating long-term, profitable and conscious businesses.

This task is not always easy, but by being very particular in our investment process, we increase our chances of success together with our partners. Read more about our offer and watch a film about our investment process here.


We call it Welfare capital

A world without extreme poverty. That is Swedfund’s goal. And for the first time in history it’s possible. Because through new jobs and growth, the proportion of people living in poverty is half of what it was 20 years ago. 



Welfare capital

AAR Healthcare – one of our investments

During the past 30 years AAR Healthcare has become one of East Africa’s largest private healthcare providers with 39 modern clinics in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Read more about this project and a number of our other investments, and search among our portfolio companies.

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