The credibility and long-term success of Swedfund is founded on every decision being taken on the basis of our values and ethical guidelines.

We work continuously to combat corruption and other serious irregularities. An important part of this work consists of providing a reporting channel in which suspected irregularities may be reported in a way that feels safe for the person who is filing the report.

Swedfund’s whistleblowing service, an encrypted web solution

Our whistleblowing service is an encrypted web solution which leads to a closed system provided by a third party. It is not intended to replace internal information and reporting channels, but is intended only to complement these channels.

Read more about our whistleblowing service in Swedfund’s Whistleblowing Service – Guidelines. If you intend to file a report, we ask that you first read the additional information available there.

Here you will find our form on which you can anonymously report serious irregularities. The reporting form may also be accessed at Use “Swedfund” as the password.

If you do not wish to be anonymous, you may contact Swedfund through the contact information available here.

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