In its simplest form, you can look at it as an equation: the result of aid, private and public investments must jointly correspond to the enormous needs which exist in the world today, if the targets set by the international community for 2030 are to be reached. Achieving these targets requires both capital and expertise, as well as a wide-ranging partnership involving governments, companies, organisations and institutions.

Swedfund’s role is, together with our partners, to accelerate the resources at our disposal. Our role in the equation is to finance and develop sustainable businesses in the world’s poorest countries. Our commitment encourages other private players to risk investing. Since nine out of ten jobs are created in the private sector, and each job takes at least five people out of poverty, Swedfund’s investments contribute much more than
the sum invested.

Equation 2030 is the vision that Swedfund’s work in implementing sustainable investments is a decisive factor in achieving the global goals and an inclusive growth. A long-term commitment in companies in under-financed markets is an effective tool in the fight against poverty and climate change, as well as strengthening the empowerment of women. We intend to and can accelerate Agenda 2030.

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