Our mission is to combat poverty by creating jobs in poor countries.
That is why we take risks that few others are willing to take. By
providing capital and competence, we develop sustainable companies
in the world’s poorest countries.

As the businesses grow, they can offer more decent jobs which
enable people to support their families. At the same time, we can set
requirements for greater equality at all levels and promote the green
shift in all sectors.

We are catalysts in a market in which the potential is enormous. In
partnership with companies and other sources of finance, we share
the risk and show the opportunities. People want to work so that
they themselves can change their own personal situation and be
part of society.

We can then use the return from our investments to invest in other
companies. In the long term, this means more tax-paying companies
and wage earners, and more families lifting themselves out of poverty.
This is how we create change. 2029 is our way of saying that it is
urgent. Let’s accelerate Agenda 2030.

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